Pete BarenBregge

Jazz musician/Editor/Educator

A Thousand Eyes

Pete BarenBregge / Frank Russo

1. 4:33 - Flashback (Tom Williams)  (Listen)

2. 6:54 - Banana Dance (Phil McCusker)  (Listen)

3. 5:57 - New Joy (Tom Williams) (Listen)

4. 5:21 - Blackbird (Lennon/McCartney)  (Listen)

5. 6:53 - Twilight (Tom Williams) (Listen)

6. 9:07 - The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Bernier/Brainin)  (Listen)

7. 5:23 - Willowghby (Phil McCusker) (Listen)

8. 5:27 - Sycamore (Phil McCusker) (Listen)

9. 4:35 - Tombao (Tom Williams)  (Listen)

10. 4:54 - Chickara (Tom Williams) (Listen)



This is one burnin' CD! The music is fresh and alive and makes you feel as though you're sitting in the front row of a live concert. Pete BarenBregge's sound is distinctive and crystal clear on all three saxes and his improvising style is wonderfully unique. Frank Russo's innovative and creative style of drumming is a breath of fresh air on every tune. The whole band sounds fantastic! This record succeeds in taking you on a musical ride that covers so many different avenues of jazz while, at the same time, flowing from one song to the next like a carefully crafted symphony.  

-Eric Marienthal

I've known saxophonist Pete “Pete the Heat“, BarenBregge, for a good many years and his playing gets better each time I hear him. Great sound, nice tunes and groovin' all the way. Drummer Frank Russo lays down great funk, Latin and fierce swing grooves, too. This is a hot band from the DC area, check them out!  

-Gregg Karukas